We're working on concept proposals for a Paragraph 80 new-build house in Nottinghamshire and have today been discussing the pre-planning design with residents and parish council in the nearby village. Lot's of enthusiastic and interested conversations about the design, landscaping and importantly sustainability. We'll be sharing more on the project soon, but here's a photo of the landscape site model looking great in the afternoon sun.


Down in Devon our excellent joinery collaborator Tim Gaudin is busy producing the kit of parts for our studio soon to be construction in Newark-on-Trent. Here's a test sample photo we've just been sent of the two main finishes: matt black wall 'logs' and our preferred natural tung oil finished (left) sample for the structural frame. Roll on May and the build!

We're pleased to announce that following two years working with us, Shidan Hagos is now a fully qualified Architect havi...

We're always collecting samples in the studio and testing ideas through model making. The process of design is rarely linear, and we believe that the best thinking comes from taking a hands on approach.⁠

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We are architects, people who make buildings. Good places are a product of those that use, design and make them and so, though we are a small studio, we are part of a much larger family of collaborators.

Corduroy House has been photographed by the talented Nick Dearden and is published in September 2022's Grand Design's magazine.


It's the Wednesday tennis social at Wigmore Tennis Club in Streatham and Mark has just finished photographing our retrofit of the clubhouse with photographer Nick Guttridge. Watch this space for more on the project, which not only upgraded the 1911 building to meet LTA safeguarding and access requirements but also provides the members with a light filled bar and, as seen here, an outdoor deck overlooking the courts.


Working with a local family we're investigating potential sites and early concept ideas for a Paragraph 80 home in rural Nottinghamshire. This is a sketch for a walled garden courtyard house sited near to long-lost manor within naturalised meadows and grazed parkland.


Merry Christmas to our followers and family of collaborators! ⁠

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Remote working from our La Tour Maison project in France this week has been a magical place to begin the wind down to Christmas. This is the view from the top of the tower, over the village and down into the Dordogne river valley. We hope you are all beginning to feel festive too.


All through the Summer our window exhibition of working models will be on show at Amanda Meade Interior Design @amandameadedesign We use models to test, develop and explore. They're also a brilliant way to communicate and share our ideas in an accessible and engaging way.⁠

Thank you to Amanda for hosting the exhibition as part of @daykinmarshall and @amandameadedesign architecture + interiors collaboration.⁠

No two projects are the same and we like to take the opportunity to try new materials to suit each site and client. This is a sample board for our recently completed project in South London which used pigmented concrete against a granite terrace.⁠

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The spire for Sessay Community Hall and Sports Pavilion is intended to be a beacon to the village and a focal point for information.⁠ In the studio we enjoy designing through model making and like to use local materials to blend with the tones, textures and history of the sites we're given.⁠ Photo @nickguttridge

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As the sun goes down on 2020 here's another sneak preview of our Devonian project for the Ashridge Estate. The 'East Pavilion' links the original Manor House to a beautiful 19th century arboretum. Giant timber sliding doors open to let in the morning light. Let's all hope for a brighter 2021. Happy New Year!


Progress on site at Corduroy House is shaping up. You can guess how it got its name! Project Architect Ayla Riome discussed and developed the design with our fantastic clients through lockdown, working remotely, so it's very exciting to see it in real life!⁠

We enjoy questioning and testing the everyday materiality of buildings, to bring something new or unexpected to our projects that still manages to feel familiar - we call it the canny uncanny.⁠

Here's the latest from site at Cunetio House. Thank you to Simon and his team at Hungerford Land @cunetiohouse on the progress so far and attention to detail. We know it's been a difficult year in so many ways, but seeing the house take shape in the Autumn sunshine is uplifting. Even though we make the drawings, it's always pleasing to see how closely they describe the built result.⁠

Having just received an exciting progress update from site we'll be posting shortly, we’re looking back at drawings for Cunetio House made in 2018. The drawings, made in-house helped develop the design as well as give a clear description of the proposal to our client, the planners and the parish council. Congratulations to our clients Hungerford Land @cunetiohouse on the progress so far.⁠

This five bedroom new-build house sits at the edge of an historic Wiltshire settlement in the North Wessex Downs AONB and references the village vernacular in a refined, yet restrained design⁠.


Following an invited competition, we're excited to have been appointed to renovate the clubhouse at Wigmore Lawn Tennis Club in Streatham. It’s an historic club with a lovely Edwardian building dating from 1911. Facilities will be improved for members, made fully accessible and updated to LTA Safeguarding guidelines. Lost features of the building will be restored, social spaces reinvigorated and giant hats will be compulsory.⁠

As some age groups head back to school in England for the first time in ten weeks we’re reflecting on the amazing job parents across the country have done and continue to do homeschooling - probably for the first time and with no formal training.

As one friend said the other day ‘it's totally changed how I think about my child’s’s no longer a process, it’s personal’.

At Family Commune, the lessons continue in the living room ‘classroom’ today. Everyone looks very attentive! Thanks to our clients for this great photo.


If you’ve been thinking about a project at home: refurbishment, extension or new-build, large or small, then we’d like to help you make the most of the precious time at home with a free 30 minute video consultation to discuss your needs and offer our experienced architecture and interiors advice.

Take a look through our our website to see more of our projects and how we work. Email us with a few details about your project and we’ll be in touch.

At Daykin Marshall Studio we’re looking out for our neighbours and communities through mutual aid as we continue to work from home. Please stay home to save lives.

We're working from home!

It's business 'as usual' for everyone at Daykin Marshall Studio. We're connected online and working remotely. Thank you to all our clients, consultants and collaborators for continuing to work closely with us during the lock-down. Please stay home.


A current London Extension project in the studio is this recently purchased terraced house in Leyton, which having not been touched for a generation, is in need of enlarging and refurbishing. Often the most efficient way to extend your home is by creatively using your Permitted Development Rights. If you have a project in mind, do get in touch and we’ll guide you through the process.

Every existing building we work with has its own particular character and offers different opportunities for transformation.⁠ We work with care and focus to achieve a tailored result for you.

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We've been working on a series of London houses over the past few months and have just achieved planning permission for this one in Herne Hill.

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Gathering for a delicious meal in one of our recent projects is a lovely way to combat the winter blues.⁠ This cosy dining space is actually a mini medieval hall replacing an unsympathetic 1960s extension to a 1870s cottage designed by George Gilbert Scott⁠.

#cowleytimber #gilbertscott #stpancras #lincolnshire #medieval

Orchard House was featured in this weekends Sunday Times Home @sundaytimeshome makeover masterclass.

Window seat bays open up views to the garden from living and dining spaces and create grand, yet cosy spaces to read, eat and unwind. Soft upholstery, recessed lighting, blinds and an openable side window complete the ensemble.

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Our client captured this image of their new Japanese inspired pavilion in the sought after winter sun.⁠ The pavilion is linked to an Estate House originally dating from the 17th Century and replaced an underused billiards hall, creating a workspace for managing the large estate in Devon.⁠

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Our contemporary mansion block in the Highgate Conservation Area investigates how to sensitively achieve viable development density. The nine apartments operate at a communal, human scale and reimagine a highly relevant typology for London living.⁠

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Kings Hall, along with Concrete House, has been long listed for the @nlalondon #dontmoveimprove awards. The exhibition opens the 11th February and we're excited to see it!⁠

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We're very happy to say Concrete House will be featured in this years @nlalondon #dontmoveimprove awards exhibition opening next month. The exhibition will feature over 100 buildings from the long and shortlist and is well worth a look if you're thinking to extend your home!

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At the start of a new decade, we've been looking back to the beginning of the last one and an early project - Shopfront. Previously a record store and chiropractic clinic we worked with our young, ambitious clients through a change of use to create a surprisingly tranquil two storey (ground and basement) two-bedroom apartment in this Central London Conservation Area. Occasionally mistaken as a restaurant, passers-by continue to be surprised they can't get a reservation!⁠

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At the end of our 10th year we're looking ahead to a new decade and to all that 2020 has in store. All the best for a happy and healthy new year!⁠

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We've been working hard on a new project this week! we've been exploring adding an oriel window to a victorian house in Essex to give the clients a bigger and brighter kitchen in the trees. ⁠

In the studio we're always looking to make a connection between the existing house and our intervention and have explored victorian panelling and arts and crafts influences for the kitchen design.⁠

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We're very happy to say that we've just been granted planning permission by Cheshire East Council for a extension to this 1970s house in Knutsford! Our design intention was to work with the 70s elements of the house to create a modern home and we're looking forward to the next stage!⁠

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This asymmetric butterfly roof was part of the works we completed in 2014 at Modbury Gardens. The Georgian town house has recently been sold by @themodernhouse. ⁠⁠

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Back in 2014 we completed renovations to this Georgian town house in North London and it has just been sold by @themodernhouse. Throughout the years many renowned architects lived on this street and we enjoyed modernising the 1960s extension and working with the client to create a modern home.

#themodernhouse #georgian #renovation #restoration #butterflyroof⁠

Our short-listed design to bring the garden at the historic Kirkleatham Estate, near Middlesbrough back to life.⁠ In collaboration with Edward Hutchison Landscape Architect, we proposed re-planting the gardens over time into a park, orchard and working market garden.⁠⁠

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We specialise in houses, housing and public placemaking. While compiling our new website we delved into each of these types and enjoyed the different drawing techniques used to represent each design.⁠ This is a recent design we've been working on for a new build house in the country.⁠⁠

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Thursday evening was a night to remember for us! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary by gathering our family of collaborators around the table for supper. ⁠Compliments to the chef: Our very own @james_daykin

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We have entered Concrete House for the @nlalondon #dontmoveimprove awards⁠. This 'grown up' extension encloses a courtyard garden sheltered from the neighbours creating the perfect microclimate for this family of sun worshippers.⁠⁠

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Spot the difference! Take a look at our last post to see a sketch of Kings Hall early in the design process.⁠⁠

#dmi #dmi2020 #architecture #nla #awards #peoplemakingbuildings

We've been looking through some of our early visualisations for the Kings Hall and, with a few small tweaks, the finished article isn't far off the drawing.⁠⁠

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We have entered Kings Hall for the @nlalondon #dontmoveimprove awards⁠. ⁠There were challenges behind creating a voluminous, bright and sympathetic extension for our clients home but we think this image says it all! We introduced reflective materials such as terrazzo, brass and steel to create a bright and vast yet comfortable space.

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Work in progress: a refurbishment and extension project in North London.

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Last week @nickguttridge visited one of our recently completed projects in South London. Here he is in action while family life happens around him!⁠ More photos coming soon...⁠

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We enjoy bringing different types of materials together when designing and regularly use Ketley Brick Quarry Tiles in our projects.⁠ At Little Cosbycote they sit against warmer materials such as Douglas Fir and brickwork.

#hygge #cosy #daykinmarshallstudio #osmopolyxoil⁠ #peoplemakingbuildings

At Little Cosbycote we used hardwearing surfaces such as marble alongside the warmth of Douglas fir to create a cosy yet functional kitchen taking influence from Scandinavia and the concept of hygge.⁠ Photo @nickguttridge⁠.⁠

#extension #refurbishment #timber #natural #hygge #cosy


This new project in the studio creates a 'gardeners shelter' for a landscape designer, extending their house to reach into the garden to enable outdoor working and living.⁠

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One of two new build houses nestled into the Wiltshire countryside. We're now on site with Cunetio House and are looking forward to seeing this model come to life.⁠ ⁠Photo @stale_eriksen⁠.

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This fantastic immersive large scale photograph of @bartlettu17 stunning models and drawings reproduced in the show beautifully captures another prolific, abundant and successful year, both in the unit and the wider @bartlett_ucl school. It’s a pleasure to continue to be involved with the Design Realisation course. Congratulations to all and in particular @philipspringall Amazing work!

Following a year in development, permission has been granted for Cunetio House our design for a new build house in Mildenhall, Wiltshire. Sample board assembled and photographed by Ayla Riome @aylariome

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Starting tomorrow, across all 33 London Boroughs @openhouselondon 2018. Visit Concrete House from 10am - 5pm on Saturday 22nd September. For full details see the Open House listing. #ohl2018

Studio visit by photographer @stale_eriksen to capture our sample board for the The Fairway for the next issue of the @architectsjournal specification magazine.

Visit our project on Nightingale Lane in Wandsworth this weekend as part of @openhouselondon . Open Saturday 16th Sept from 10am - 4.30pm. Visit the OH website for more details! Thank you to our client @farrahboubou for opening the front door and @lukehayes_uk for the photography.

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A huge thank you to everyone who came to see The Sun and the Moon and Other Memories at the #clerkenwellgallery . We enjoyed discussions about our piece - Canny Uncanny, along with presentations from @_biophile_ and @crab_studio.

#cannyuncanny #lfa2017 #lfa @londonfestivalofarchitecture