Little Cosbycote

Natural materials, hard-wearing surfaces and comfortable spaces for everyday life

How to make a house homely? To express more than chic Scandanavian style, this set of living spaces considers the Danish notion of Hygge (HOO-Ga) to exude warmth and conviviality. It is possible the word ‘hug’ comes from hygge, and our client wished for spaces that would make their family and guests feel cared for and cosy.

Douglas fir linings and cabinetry have a gentle warmth, both to look at and to touch, which contrasts with
the pleasant solidity of marble surfaces and robust brick flooring. A hardwearing and functional bespoke kitchen steps down into a snug with padded bench seating looking on to the garden. Large douglas fir framed windows fold right back in nice weather so you can dangle your feet outside. In winter it becomes a den with cushions and blankets for snuggling up. The loose-fit design has left spaces for existing and future art pieces so that it can change and grow over time.

To achieve the high level of care and craft in the project we brought on board a contractor we had worked with before who is also a craftsman carpenter. He assisted in developing the details to be attractive, tough
and cost-effective. This attention to detail makes you want to run your hands over the different materials and then settle down for a cup of coffee.

Client Story | "It's just like the drawings. The snug really cocoons you, it's fantastic."


James Daykin / Hannah Bowers