We are architects, people who make buildings. Good places are a product of those that use, design and make them and so, though we are a small studio, we are part of a much larger family of collaborators.

Many of our family of collaborators are constants: likeminded craftspeople and consultants who move with us from project to project. Others are new: clients and conspirators who we enjoy learning with, and who bring fresh insights and challenge to our work.

Although we specialise in good ideas, they are futile if we’re unable to communicate them effectively, so alongside our interest in craft and making, we foster our skills as interpreters, advocates and persuaders. The best architecture comes out of shared dialogue in a tone that everyone understands.

Mark Marshall & James Daykin

"Our intent is to make buildings that feel settled, inevitable. They are connected – with the history of the site, the local landscape and natural resources, the desires of the client, with references both canny and uncanny, and the talents of their makers. However, they also speak of a specific, contemporary, place in time. Made without baggage, they are apt and original.

We describe our sort of architecture as having a profound normality. It may not shout loud, but it runs deep, revealing – in quiet, joyful ways and over the longer term – the quality and care with which it was built."

Richard Heath

Director at Momentum Engineering

"We often use Daykin Marshall Studio's drawings to show others how we think projects should be drawn. Their attention to detail is second to none, allowing the minimum of problems to occur during work on site."


Concrete House

"I close the sliding door between the kitchen and the hall when we go to bed, because I love coming down each morning, opening the door and being so excited by the view through the kitchen to the garden. It makes me go ‘wow’ everyday!"

“We looked back at our original brief the other day and realised that the house we now have delivers everything we asked for, and more."

Toby Gilding

Project Architect

"Having worked on a wide range of projects, from simple school classroom extensions to large town centre regeneration I enjoy working in interdiciplinary teams at all scales. I like to approach my work with a thoughtfulness and focus that I hope translates into qualities that the client and end-users will appreciate and benefit from. Often it is in the robustness and practicality of project where the quality is most visible."

Shidan Belay Hagos


"I have enthusiasm and a drive to deliver a high standard of work. I am sociable and curious by nature, eager to learn and to grow a career in the betterment of social living. I am always keen to meet new people and enjoy the engagement process - meeting the community and helping out."

James Daykin


"I love these drawing conversations which start from a blank sheet of paper. It’s about the exploration of the unknown, letting go of any anxiety about where the idea might come from."

Pamela & Richard

Tower House

“It’s thrilling to live in a 15th century house with a magnificent 21st-century part that’s modern, stunning and seamless, and that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the original house.”

Rob Gillespie

Director at Impact Planning Services

"We have worked with Daykin Marshall Studio on several projects. This has revealed the design skills of the studio in resolving often conflicting local planning authority objectives, responding to policy constraints and in delivering contemporary solutions."

Mark Marshall


"I think I work best when there are parameters to test and explore rather than a mist of ideas. I like working things out in a practical way. You’re never too senior or junior to make models"


Little Cosbycote

"It's just like the drawings. The snug really cocoons you, it's fantastic."


Kings Hall

"For me watching how the children enjoy using the space, finding my son for example tucked into a nook, reading, confirms it was all worthwhile."


Family Commune

"Our buildings blur boundaries. On special occasions, both kitchens are in action and our dining tables combine. For our first Christmas, we sat thirty. Always, there’s a flow between our homes and families - of people, toys and ingredients."

Celebrating the completion of Little Cosbycote with Jim, Jo and the team

We believe good architecture is about making places people of all ages can enjoy instinctively

Studio trip to stay at the La Tour Maison

We make spaces to work in comfortably

Visiting site is about more than just inspections

Exhibitions and talks like Canny Uncanny give us opportunity to present and debate how we work as well as what we do

The big handover dinner at Family Commune

Celebrating completion at La Tour Maison