Kings Hall

Grand and convivial, a family hall for eating, entertaining and gathering

Our clients understood the challenges behind creating a voluminous, bright and sympathetic extension on the north-facing rear facade of this period property. We matched their ambitions by turning constraints into driving design factors. Specific site conditions, such as the taller block of flats to the east, were used to negotiate a larger than usual footprint with the local authority. The tricky split levels within the original house defined the grand ceiling height, and create spatial interest in the stair route from the rear reception room. The tall ceiling steps down in the north-west corner to acknowledge the boundary to the neighbour’s garden and the resulting drop was used positively - bringing extra light in through high clerestory windows, and creating a more enclosed, cosy space within the large volume.

Externally, the brickwork is contextual with the house and wider London street, but remains contemporary - centred around the central chimney which balances the two roof levels. The brick chimney is exposed internally, and the fireplace becomes the focal point, again balancing between the taller, functional kitchen space and the cosseting timber-lined dining area. Thus the open plan layout is broken down into individual, human-scale spaces of different characters, enhanced by contrasts of hard/soft and dark/light materials. These have been chosen for their inherent qualities and long-lasting robustness; stock brick, terrazzo with brass inlay, walnut, leather, and painted steelwork will stand the test of time and get better with age.


James Daykin / Joe Lyth / Marta Llorens / Kyle Cowper / Samantha Harrison / Ayla Riome


Neelam's Story | Our brief was to extend and open up the rear portion of our Victorian family house, and we were very sensitive as to how we could achieve this in a way that would respect the original property.

The dream was to create a modern kitchen and living area that enabled us to entertain comfortably but at the same time allowed people to do their own thing within. The amount of extra space along with the key element of height we asked for was always going to be quite a challenge. Daykin Marshall Studio have fulfilled the brief perfectly and turned our ideas into a reality.

With the use of beautiful brick and a central fireplace the area created is sizeable but welcoming, and maintains a character. We always had strong ideas of what we wanted, DMS took these on board and helped to subtly guide them to create something that flows and amalgamates seamlessly.

The way that both natural and bold materials have been used has been key to this project. Even the supporting exposed steel frame has been designed with the elegance of a sculptural piece of artwork, hence making it easy to forget its actual purpose. It was not an easy feat to add such a large space to a period property but we feel DMS have done so sympathetically. When sitting in the rather triumphant walnut lined dining area the feeling of warmth is satisfyingly comforting. For me watching how the children enjoy using the space, finding my son for example tucked into a nook, reading, confirms it was all worthwhile.