Red House

A 22 metre long facade and south-facing terrace has completely reconnected this building with its gardens and provided grand spaces for entertaining

We developed the layout and composition for this project to meet the client’s requirements for clear formal symmetry with calm, uncluttered spaces. To achieve this we remodelled the ground floor by removing poor quality additions, opening up existing spaces, and extending to the side to replace a WWII concrete bomb shelter - which was so heavy it was causing the building to subside! Slim line sliding glazing opens onto the wide terrace to flow seamlessly between the interior and exterior.

The red brick band ties the new additions to the original house, and we used a red tinted mortar to point both new and old brickwork to make it seem as one. The brickwork layer is capped by a continous cornice of pre-cast concrete, pigmented like red sandstone. We worked with Bespoke Concrete in Northumberland to fabricate the pieces, making use of their ability to achieve subtle, consistent colouration. This cornice projects out over the terrace to provide shelter and shade the glazing from the sun in the height of summer.

The terrace is made of grey basalt stone, with built-in planters and stairs down into the gardens at either end. The material is extremely hard wearing, looks good come rain or shine in the British climate, and its colour complements the red and white of the complete facade.


Mark Marshall / Marta Llorens